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(Month #2) CoachRogue's 4 Week Bootcamp




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Focus in on the quickest to learn and most impactful fundamentals for all roles with the purpose of helping you improve and climb quickly. All taught by Coach Rogue, a multi-year rank #1 challenger with 7 years of professional play experience.
-My coaching and pro experience I've been a full time pro player for (officially) 7 years, over the last 4 years I've also coached League giving me the time to develop my own technique to teach pro level gameplay in a way that's applicable to ANY elo. Over the years this has let me help hundreds of students understand how to think, learn and play like a pro player. My YouTube series 'Play like a pro' is the perfect example of this so if you want to see this in action go check that out! -Examples of my work I make coaching content on YouTube so you can easily check out some of my work before you book a session to be confident that I'm the real deal. You can also check out the progress / references from some of my past students! My YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@CoachRogue My students achievements: https://imgur.com/a/c6yME5t My resume / achievements: https://imgur.com/a/2OvLHlI My community / student discord (ask for references if you'd like): https://discord.gg/jpca8WF2Uw -Why I know I can help YOU I've helped hundreds of students so far who have all made incredible improvement since our sessions, students going from Bronze to Gold, Gold to Diamond and ever students who have made it to Master tier. I've worked with plays who are brand new to league all the way to challenger players aspiring to go pro in all 5 positions, all of which have had results. The first session is generally the most obvious improvement which is why I offer a 30 minute consultation + VOD review for just $5, this way I can prove to you that I'm the coach to help you. -Why I am now a full time coach / content creator Teaching my students is my passion, I enjoy so much the messages I receive when my students rank up or send me a replay because they've just perfectly executed something we covered in my most recent session. For this reason I'm now focusing full time on making League Of Legends guides / YouTube videos and coaching! - Feel free to contact me with questions Discord: coachrogue

1. Discover where to focus your attention to improve quickly  

2. Gain insight on pro level topics that will improve your game  

3. Have your chance to have any questions answered and potentially even have your games reviewed by Coach Rogue

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